Colorwiz Hack Mod APK Download | Earn Up To ₹1000 In App

Hello, dear friends today we talk about the new version of the Colorwiz app Colorwiz hack mod apk. You are going to get a lot of new features inside Colorwiz Hack Mod Apk which will make your gaming experience more enjoyable. In the new version of Colorwiz Hack Mod Apk, ads have been made free, in which you will not have any kind of disturbance ads while playing games and your gaming screen is about to be fully enjoyable.

Lots of new features have been added inside Colorwiz Hack Mod Apk you will get a 10℅ bonus on your first deposit recharge amount. Also, if your withdrawn amount is not transferred to your bank account within 48 hours If a transfer is not done in your bank account then you will get full support from the customer helpline number of Colorwiz app.

Colorwiz Hack Mod APK

So come ahead, in this article, we talk about these features in detail.

Features of Colorwiz Hack Mod Apk:

1: First of all you will do your first recharge of whatever amount.

 You Will get 10% extra on your first recharge. 

2:If you get the points of your deposited Amount in the wallet of the Colorwiz App If you do not receive them instantly, then you can take customer support on their helpline number after 24 hours.

3: If your withdrawal amount does not come to your bank account within 48 hours, then you can complain about it at any time.

4: The most special features you get inside Colorwiz Hack Mod Apk are:

Do you have the referral link and code of the Colorwiz app that you can share with your family and earn instant commission? The more people you share your referral link with accordingly, you will get an increased commission every day by the rule of a new version of Colorwiz Hack Mod. Which will be your best earning in Colorwiz Apk?

5: Your gaming experience is going to be even more enjoyable with new features.

Because you will get to play games ads-free, no disturbance will be created.

6:Last you cannot download Colorwiz Hack Mod Apk from Play Store, you will be provided with its official link by us.

 By clicking on this you can install the new version of Colorwiz Hack Mod Apk in your Android device.

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So friends, in this article very briefly, I have explained to you what are the new features in the new version of Colorwiz Hack Mod Apk. And how can you make your gaming more enjoyable along with earning? If you want any other information about the new version of Colorwiz Hack Mod Apk, then you can ask me anytime in the comment box below.

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