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Do you want to play an online color prediction game? If so, you can download the Colorwiz app. The app is the best for those who want to make money online just by playing games. Moreover, playing games is not the only source of making money on the Colorwiz app because there is one more. To know that, you have to check out this article. 

Colorwiz Referral CodeR7KW4057

How To Register On Colorwiz App

To make money online on the Colorwiz app, you must create an account on their website. This will only take a few minutes of yours. After registering on the website, you can access all money-making sources on the Colorwiz app. 

Here is the process for creating an account on the Colorwiz app. 

Step 1 – Firstly, go to the Colorwiz website or click the below link.

Colorwiz Referral CodeR7KW4057

Step 2 – Click on the Mine section. 

Colorwiz App

Step 3 – Here, you will get the register button. Click on it. 

Step 4 – Input your mobile number, verification code, password, and recommendation code. 

Step 5 – The referral code for the Colorwiz app is R7KW4057.

Step 6 – Click on register, and you will be good to go for making money on the Colorwiz app. 

How To Download Colorwiz APK

Here are the steps for downloading the Colorwiz APK. 

Step 1 – Go to the website.

Step 2 – Register or Login to your Colorwiz account. 

Step 3 – Click on the Mine section. 

Step 4 – On the top of the mine section, you will see a Download App button. Click on it. 

Step 5 – After that, go to your Android device settings and enable Install unknown apps. 

Step 6 – Click on the Colorwiz APK file and install it on your Android device. 

What Is Colorwiz App All About?

As you can guess by the name, the Colorwiz app is a color prediction app. The Colorwiz app is all about providing multiple chances to make money online. You can play the predictions games on the Colorwiz app, or you can use the app’s referral program to make money online. 

Either way, you are making money online on the Colorwiz app. Therefore, Colorwiz is the app that provides you with the best sources to make money online. 

How To Do Colorwiz Login

Colorwiz Login
  1. Go to the Colorwiz website or app. 
  2. Click on the Mine section, and here click on the Login button.
  3. Input your mobile number and login password. 
  4. Click on login, and you will be logged into your Colorwiz account. 

Colorwiz Referral Code – R7KW4057

The Colorwiz referral code is R7KW4057. If you want the Colorwiz referral code to register on the Colorwiz app, you can enter the provided referral code. 

What Games You Can Play On Colorwiz App

On the Colorwiz app, you can play three prediction games. That includes the color prediction, aviator, and lucky hit game. The games are prediction-based, and these prediction games can be played by depositing money into the Colorwiz app. 

Moreover, all three prediction games will give you different gameplay and experience on the Colorwiz app. To make money from the Color prediction game, you have to predict colors among red, green, and violet.

The Aviator game in the Colorwiz app is the same as the Crash game, where you have to cash out before the plane crashes. Therefore, playing these prediction games on the Colorwiz app will give you a higher chance of making money online. 

Making Money Through Colorwiz Promotion Program

As said, the Colorwiz games are not the only source available for making money because there is one more source available, which is the app’s promotion program. 

With the Colorwiz promotion program, you can make money just by sharing your Colorwiz referral code or link. After that, as the referred users play prediction games on the app, you will earn a commission from them. 

Therefore, if you have a huge contact with people, you can promote the Colorwiz app by sharing your referral code and making money online through the Colorwiz promotion program. 

How To Recharge On Colorwiz App

You can recharge on the Colorwiz app and access all the predictions games. Moreover, recharging on the app is easy, and the Colorwiz app payment provides a safe payment gateway. 

Therefore, you can continue by adding your payment details in the Colorwiz app. 

  1. Login to your Colorwiz account. 
  2. Go to the Mine section. 
  3. Click on the Bank Card option. 
  4. Add your full name, mobile number, pin code, state, city, and detailed address. 
  5. Now, go back to the Wallet section, and click on Recharge. 
  6. Enter the recharge amount, and select the added bank account from where you want to get your payment. 
  7. Confirm the transaction by entering your Colorwiz login password. 

How To Withdraw On Colorwiz App

Here are the steps for withdrawing money through the Colorwiz app. 

  1. Go to the Mine section of the Colorwiz app.
  2. Go to the Wallet section, and click on withdrawal. 
  3. Enter the withdrawal amount, and select the bank account from where you want your payout.
  4. Enter the login password, and your withdrawal will be completed on the Colorwiz app. 

After that, it will take up to 1 to 3 days to withdraw your money from the Colorwiz app. Also, make sure you are withdrawing a higher amount of money on the Colorwiz app because the app charges a high amount of fees for withdrawing money. 

Colorwiz Hack Mod APK Download

The Colorwiz Hack Mod APK can’t be downloaded because no one has been able to hack the Colorwiz APK. Therefore, you cannot download the Colorwiz Hack Mod APK

But if you want to win games on the Colorwiz app, you can learn the Colorwiz tricks and tips that provide you to win more games on the Colorwiz app. 

Colorwiz App Customer Support

You can contact Colorwiz customer support by going through the Colorwiz app or website. The Colorwiz app provides two types of customer support.

Firstly, there is the Colorwiz support email, which is only for transaction purposes. Therefore, if your Colorwiz recharge or withdrawal transaction fails, you can contact them through their email address which is [email protected].

The other type of customer support provided by the Colorwiz app is for other queries rather than payment transactions. To get this Colorwiz customer support, you have to go to the Colorwiz app’s mine section, and there you can click on complaint and suggestion, where you can write your query in the Colorwiz app. 

Colorwiz Is Real Or Fake?

As you can guess now, Colorwiz is a real app for those who want to make money by playing online games. The Colorwiz app is very old, and its payment gateways are also safe. 

Moreover, no one has been able to hack the Colorwiz app. Therefore, Colorwiz is a real app for making money online. 

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